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Ark 2: All we know about the upcoming survival game

Everything you need to know about the upcoming survival game Ark 2, featuring Vin Diesel or Russel Crowe.

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One of the most recent announced games, which definitely did not fit at this year’s The Game Awards, is the Ark 2 studio of the Wildcard studio. It is a continuation of the highly successful ARK: Survival Evolved, one of the most popular titles in the genre. Along with Ark 2, an animated series was announced, in which actors such as Russell Crowe, Gerard Butler, David Tennant and Vin Diesel, who is also the main star of the released trailer for the game, will appear in the dubbing.

Ark 2: The basic information

The Wildcard’s survival game Ark 2, the sequal to ARK: Survival Evolved, will be released exclusively on Xbox Series X / S and PC platforms during 2022.

Vin Diesel took on the lead role in the launched trailer as a character named Santiago. The American actor, well-known for starring in Fast & Furious movies franchise also collaborates on Ark 2 as an executive producer. We don’t know much about the story as such yet, only that it will take place in a new exotic environment where the humanity will continue to develop in it, surrounded by the threats of aggressive animals and with the pitfalls of prehistoric life.

Ark 2: Review, preview, impressions from the game

Due to the game still being in the development phase, no impressions, previews and reviews have been published yet.

Ark 2: release date, platforms, editions

The release date is set for the year 2022 without further specification of the date. It is to be released as an exclusive title on the Xbox Series X / S and PC, and then later on the PS5.

Ark 2: The story

The creators still have not revealed the exact direction of the story. For the time being, we must be content with the information that the game will discuss the continuation of the human race in its early development in very primitive conditions in a brand new place. Vin Diesel (by the way, a big ARK: Survival Evolved fan) took on the lead role in the launched trailer as a heroic character named Santiago. Surrounded by a small tribe, he first faces a threat in the form of human-like opponents and later an aggressive T-Rex, in front of whom they manage to escape to a cave, where it is clear that they have an implant on their hands (in connection with the previous Ark).

Ark 2: Gameplay

The probable concept will probably not deviate from its predecessor. It is expected to be a classic MMO survival game collecting raw materials, craftsmanship, food and drink, or even with the domestication of animals (which is typical for the Ark) as well as with the levelling of characters.

Ark 2: Multiplayer

As with the previous Ark Survival Evolved, this is supposed to be another online multiplayer sandbox we’re used to.

Ark 2: Videos, trailers, screenshots

So far, the only video available is the trailer published at The Game Awards 2020. According to the authors from Wildcard, the trailer was created in-engine using the real game resources. And while it may not seem quite likely that the game will look as good as the trailer, the graphics seem to be improved massively in line with the next-gen consoles which makes it definitely something to look forward to.

So that’s all the essential information we currently have about Ark 2. We will regularly update this page as any new details appear.


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