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How to Change Spotify Playlist Cover Fast and Easy

A simple guide on how to change your Spotify playlist cover easily with few steps using your phone or computer.

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Spotify is a well known international music streaming service founded in Sweden. The company is one of the first music streaming services introducing unlimited music subscription model since the mp3 era. Since its founding in 2008 Spotify has reached an incredible 248 million users from which 113 are actively paying for the subscription.

One of the favourite features among their users is how easy it is to create your own playlists or subscribe to playlists created by others. From my own experience, when choosing a playlist I’d like to listen to my first look goes at the title and cover picture of the playlist. To many, these turn out to be the most crucial (initial) elements when picking their new playlist.

If you use exclusively their app on your phone, Spotify won’t let you choose your own playlist picture straightaway, rather than it will create a collage of the first four songs’ covers in that playlist.

How to change playlist cover in the Spotify app

There isn’t really a way how to replace their collage cover with your own picture at their mobile phone app.

The only alternative you may find to this is to rearrange the songs in your playlist, which will also automatically generate different playlist cover picture regarding what first 4 songs in your playlist are. Note, that this does not work if you are a free user. You need to be paying for a subscription to reorder your songs in the mobile phone app.

To do that, follow steps below:

  1. Open the Spotify App.
  2. Go to Your Library
  3. Select the playlist you want to change
  4. Click on three small dots at the top right corner
  5. Select edit
  6. A list of the songs will appear with two stripes on the right
  7. By holding the stripes you can drag up and down to reorder the songs’ position.
  8. Put the songs of which art cover your want to display in your playlist’s cover as the first 4 in the list.
  9. Go back and you will see the playlist’s cover changed

How to change Spotify playlist cover in web app using computer

If you are a free listener who doesn’t pay for the subscription or you just want to use your own cover picture for the playlist follow the simple guide below:

  1. Open Spotify web app
  2. Select Your Library in navigation on the left
  3. Select the playlist of which cover you want to change
  4. Click on the Cover image next to the playlist’s title
  5. You can also click on three small dots under the cover picture (next to the green play button) and select Edit details
  6. A small window will pop up. Click on the cover picture.
  7. Select the picture you want to use from your computer and press Open.
  8. After pressing the Save button, the playlist’s cover will change.

Note: You should own the rights to use the picture you will upload (created/taken by you, purchased with licence etc.)

If you do not currently have an access to a computer or laptop and wish to change the cover for a picture of your own, you may try to open the Web play app in your mobile browser (Tick desktop site option in your mobile browser to avoid redirection to your app).


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