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How to see Wi-Fi Passwords on Android you used before

A quick guide on how to see previously used Wi-Fi password on your Android phone.

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Would you like to find out how to view a Wi-Fi password on Android? There may be a network where you forgot the password in your work, or you may want to connect another device on a friend’s network and so on.

There are several ways to find Wi-Fi passwords stored on Android, no matter why you need them. Note, that, you can only view these passwords if you have connected to them previously.

How to See Wi-Fi Passwords on Android device Without Root

If you’ve got a new Android phone or got your older one updated to Android 10, you finally have access to the Wi-Fi passwords for your saved networks without rooting your device. Yes, Google finally began to support this small but quite important and very useful feature on its Android 10 (and higher) operating systems. Here’s how to do that on stock Android 11 – the process may vary slightly based on your Android version or phone’s brand custom interface.

  1. You can view a network password by heading to Network & Internet in Settings
  2. Select Wi-Fi to display the Wi-Fi network you’re currently connected to. 
  3. Select the network (or a previous connection from Saved Networks) to access network options (you may have to click on a little cog on the right to access the options on some models).
  4. On this page, click on the Share button. To continue, you’ll need to verify your face/fingerprint or enter your PIN code. After you do so, you’ll see your network’s Wi-Fi password displayed below its QR code.
  5. If the Wi-Fi password won’t show underneath the QR code, you may use this code to log in to the Wi-Fi network as well by using the other device’s camera app or QR code reader app.
Wi-Fi settings and Share Wi-Fi feature on Android phone

Can I See my Wi-Fi Password on Android 9 and Older

You will need alternative methods if you are running Android 9 or older, or if your phone doesn’t offer the above option for some reason. In this case, however, a device must be rooted to use these methods.

It’s because, in Android 9 and older, the credentials for saved networks are stored in a protected directory of your phone’s storage with no feature that would allow us to access such files. That is why you will need to root your phone (bypass its internal security) to open the files inside.

  1. If your phone is rooted, with a file explorer app that supports root browsing, you can then access /data/misc/wifi folder. 
  2. Inside the folder, open wpa_supplicant.conf file to find your network name (ssid) and password (psk).

There may be a case where this way won’t work on some particular phone models as they might be using a different folder structure than others. In that case, you may try to use an Android Wi-Fi password viewer app such as WiFi Password Viewer which may be capable of helping you to find the password of the Wi-Fi network on the rooted phones.


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