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How to turn Kindle into dark mode in 2 simple steps

Ease your eyes during night time reading?

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Kindle is a good companion for anyone who likes to read and wants to have a choice of having to choose from multiple books at the same time. Even though Kindle’s screen is a bit different from the one on a regular tablet, it can still hurt your eyes during a heavy reading at night. Kindle, however, gives you an option to ease your eyes and activate Kindle dark mode which will swap the colours on your screen.

Kindle makes for a great e-book reader when compared to traditional tablets. But when you’re trying to read at night, the sharp white background light can be a problem for your eyes. Relieve your eyes using dark mode on Kindle.

There used to be an accessibility setting called Inverted Mode in Kindle e-readers before, but Amazon now provides a quick toggle to change the text appearance.

The dark mode is currently supported on Kindle Paperwhite 4 (2018), Oasis 2 (2017) and newer. If you can’t see the feature yet, make sure you are connected to your Wi-Fi and that your Kindle is updated to version 5.12.4 or higher.

Do I need some Dark mode Kindle App to do this?

Nope, currently all versions from some 2018 support dark mode out of the box. Simply follow the steps below.

How to turn the dark mode on Kindle?

There are only a few easy steps to follow to turn the Dark mode on your Kindle as it’s conveniently available in Kindle’s Settings.

Go to your Kindle’s home screen and select settings from the top toolbar.

If you are in the middle of reading a book, you can tap on the top bar with time to reveal the toolbar and tap on the settings button.

You will find the Dark mode toggle right after the settings open, as well as the brightness level slider.

How to turn off dark mode on Kindle?

It’s really simple. To turn the dark mode off simply repeat the steps above as the Dark mode button works as a switch between the two colour schemes.


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