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How to turn off sensitive Ad categories on YouTube

Disable unwanted ads while watching.

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Do you get tired of watching ads on YouTube about weight loss, dating, gambling, alcohol, and other popular topics? Google has now got a solution for you.

In an effort to provide YouTube users with more control over display ads, YouTube users can now specify which categories of promotional material they want to appear less frequently when using the site through Google’s new display advertising options. it’s worth taking a moment to review the new settings.

Turn off Sensitive ads such as Dating, Pregnancy, Alcohol, Gambling and others on YouTube

If we get ads that particularly annoy us between or while watching videos on YouTube, we can ask Google to show them to us less often. In favour of others, of course.

YouTube sensitive ad categories control (

If you go to the Ads Settings page by logging in with your Google account, there you can not only figure out how advertisers use our online behaviour for their advertisement profiling and disable certain aspects based on your previous search history but also configure how often so-called controversial ads that often appear on YouTube.

After choosing the category that interests us the least (or annoys us the most), Google will ask us if we are sure of our decision and inform us that the total number of ads will not change – we will just see different ones. In addition, of course, it may happen that from time to time we will see some advertising material from the hated category anyway – after all, Google’s solution is currently still functioning in the Beta version for now. For example:

  • Ads may show alcohol, gambling, or images related to drinking alcohol or gambling (for example, an airline ad may show a person drinking champagne).
  • We may still see ads related to alcohol or gambling if we conduct a search on one of these topics or watch a video related to these topics.

According to what the messages on the help page convey, “YouTube Ad Categories” are only available if you are signed in to your own Google account and currently only apply to ads shown on YouTube. Therefore, they will not be applicable if the ads are displayed by some other ad network than Google.

How to disable personalised Ad topics on Google?

Inside Google’s Ad personalisation settings, you’ll find a summary of your biggest interests based on your previous search history and online activity within Google’s environment. As it may happen that a certain topic you previously researched and continuously visited, google would start to offer Advertisements in this segment.

In the settings, you can actually turn specific Ad topics off from displaying on various websites that are using Google’s Ads network, simply by clicking on a certain item in the list and selecting the Turn off option in the pop-up window.


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