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Amazon Prime Video may be reserving Wednesday’s exclusive, here’s why

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Amazon has acquired the Metro-Goldwin-Mayer studio. The company has a vast catalogue that allows it to compete with Netflix. Fans of Wednesday are worried that the series will move to Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon’s $8.5 billion takeover of MGM has changed the balance of the Hollywood and streaming industry. Prime Video is better equipped than ever to compete with Netflix, the undisputed leader in the field. By taking over the reins of the century-old film studio, the online retail giant got its hands on a phenomenal catalogue, and in terms of prestige, now weighs 180 Oscars.

In addition to increasing its streaming platform’s offerings tenfold, Amazon could also play a nasty trick on its best enemy. Word on the street is that Wednesday could change broadcasters. The series, currently available on Netflix, is a hit, with over a billion views in less than a month. Given its success, although nothing has been confirmed yet, it is very likely that it will have a second season. Will it be hosted on Amazon Prime Video rather than Netflix? It is not impossible, and it would be very annoying for many Internet users: by buying the MGM brand, Amazon has also taken possession of MGM Television.

Amazon now owns the rights to the Addams Family and Wednesday

Amazon now owns the rights to The Addams Family and all its spin-offs, including Wednesday. Speculations are therefore rife concerning the future of the series on Netflix. Such a loss would be catastrophic. Wednesday is the second-highest number of views for the platform, and only Stranger Things can boast of having done better.

On which platform will the series be broadcast? No one knows yet, but Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer representatives are reassuring: “MGM creates programs for all types of platforms and broadcasters, and its acquisition by Amazon does not change that. The sale has no impact on our existing contracts. For the time being, Amazon has no apparent plans to reserve exclusive rights to MGM content. Renewal negotiations between Netflix and MGM Television will be tough.


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