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Android 13 gets a useful new feature that iPhones have had for years

A popular feature comes to Android phones.

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Mobile operating systems can now be described as virtually finished software. New versions do not bring such radical changes and innovations as in the past. Instead, they focus on improving the overall user experience. Every now and then a new feature comes along, but most of the time these are minor things. It’s also not uncommon for one operating system to be “inspired” by its competitor.

Android 13 adds flashlight intensity settings functionality

In recent years, iOS, in particular, has taken more inspiration from its age-old rival Android, such as the notification bar or widgets. In the next big update, however, it should be the other way around – Android is set to borrow a feature that iPhones have had for years. According to the latest information, there are two new APIs “getTorchStrengthLevel” and “turnOnTorchWithStrengthLevel” in Android 13, which are supposed to take care of setting the torch intensity. In fact, in previous versions, there is only “setTorchMode”, which only affects the on and off switch.

So currently, most Android phones only allow you to use the LED typically located on the back in the on and off positions. The exception to this is some Samsung smartphones, where the One UI body allows you to adjust the intensity of the flashlight to the user’s exact requirements. So for the next version of Android, adjustable flashlight intensity will be a matter of course, if the hardware of a particular device allows it.


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