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BMW’s teases i7 – New luxury electric car with a giant grille and large screen

The new 7 Series in electric revealed.

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In just a few weeks, BMW will expand its family of pure electric cars with the i7 luxury sedan. Already in advance, the carmaker wants to lure us with some curves.

The front of the upcoming 2023 BMW i7 is dominated by the typical kidney-shaped grille, which is really gigantic this time. Although this feature often sparks controversy, it sets the Bavarian brand’s models apart from the rest at a glance. However, it is surprising that the typical kidney-shaped grille has remained on electric cars, where realistically no front-engine cooling is needed. It is therefore purely a design element, in this case also highlighted by the LED strip around the perimeter.

The i7 interior is dominated by a pull-out 31-inch panoramic display with a 32:9 aspect ratio and 8K resolution, which will be used primarily for rear-seat passengers to watch movies. The driver will have a curved panel consisting of a 12.3″ display in place of the conventional alarm clock and a 14.9″ display for infotainment.

The new 2023 BMW i7 Teaser

Although the final unveiling will not take place until April, BMW has already announced that the upcoming novelty will have a range of 580 to 610 km according to the European WLTP standard, or 491 km according to the EPA.

The BMW i7 will compete primarily with the Mercedes-Benz EQS and Lucid Air. There aren’t many electric sedans in luxury trim in general yet, so these are welcome additions to the lineup.

Prototype of BMW i7 for 2023

BMW will soon offer electric versions of almost all of its current models. In addition to the BMW i7, which references the 7 Series, an electric version of the 5 Series or the smaller X1 SUV is also in development. We’ve also already seen the iX3, the i4 sedan and another iX SUV.


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