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Colourful Macbooks Air might become reality in 2021 J.Prost suggests

Apple might like colours after all.

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In the second half of April, Apple has come up with their most interesting new variant of the iMac ever, after 12 long years. The new iMac now comes in seven different colours (silver, green, yellow, amber, red, purple and red) which references iMacs G3 from 1998, along with a brand new shape and improved 3D rendering performance.

This range was introduced after years of waiting for a major change of the product making it the perfect time to buy an all-new desktop experience.

Macbook Air render, colours
Render of possible Macbook Air colour variants

In his latest video, respected Apple whistleblower Jon Prosser reveals that Apple is now testing prototypes of affordable MacBooks (likely to be the Air series) in a variety of colour options. Prosser has information from one of his secret sources about the existence of a blue MacBook Air, however, the colour portfolio might be much broader.

Jon Prosser, by the way, was the first to point out last year, that we would see iMacs in new interesting colours. So it is obvious that he is really close to the information of his source about Apple and can be considered a very trustworthy source. The move behind Apple introducing more of its products in multiple colour variations might be following hugely positive feedback after the recent launch of its new colourful iMac models in April.

Jon Prost about the Macbook Air colours information

The upcoming Apple M2 chip is expected to be the driving force for the new colourful models which could debut later this year. Respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also let it be known some time ago that we should see a MacBook Air with a Mini LED display in 2022.

Mini LED technology is more expensive to produce and has almost the same characteristics as OLED panels, including good black rendering. There is also one significant fact that argues for the deployment of mini LEDs in the premium segment – unlike OLEDs, the Mini LED technology doesn’t suffer from screen burn-ins or so-called ghost images.

Starting next year, we’ll likely see OLED displays in the iPad Air and in classic iPad, while mini LEDs will be deployed in the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iPad Pro. We could see the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro a bit earlier. though. Specifically, the MacBook Pro is expected sometime later this year, while the iPad Pro is expected as early as May. Although in this case, the mini LED will be reserved only for the device with a larger 12.9″ display.


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