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Full version Rocket League might come on phones with crossplay in 2021 beta

Full gaming experience for all.

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Popular game Rocket League is expanding and from currently being available on PlayStation, Xbox or PC platforms you will soon have a chance to play the full version on your mobile phones as well!

Epic Games, the computer game developer from North Carolina, founded in 1991, has released a press statement about its plans to modify the Rocket League game for mobile gaming, which currently constantly increases its popularity. Epic Games says the first beta should come out sometime in Q2 in 2021. The upcoming game will be different to the standalone game Rocket League Sideswipe coming to phones later this year.

The company is, according to a document published during the Epic Games v Apple trial, preparing the full version of Rocket League featuring the complete experience across all platforms, including mobile, where the game controls will be adjusted accordingly. The upcoming update will also allow so-called cross-play where for example PC players will be able to play against console or mobile players and so on.

Rocket League [Epic Games] F2P trailer

Epic Games is reportedly planning to bring the full version of Rocket League to mobile, with a beta potentially kicking off in Q2 2021. The upcoming release is not to be confused with Rocket League Sideswipe, which is coming to iOS and Android later this year.


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