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Google Assistant gets a scheduled commands update

New update for Google Assistant gives you more control over your smart home.

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Smart speakers or any other voice assistants are an integral part of every smart home. Google in its Google Assistant service is currently rolling out support to schedule commands.

The new feature will allow smart home tech such as lights or smart plugs to be switched on and off according your personalised timer.


Until the update has been released, the Google Assistant would execute the commands instantly, for example, you could say ‘Hey Google, turn on the lights’ and the lights would be switched on or turn the coffee machine and set the room temperature with the simple command ‘Hey Google, good morning’.

With the new update, though, the capabilities go even further. You can, for example, give the Google Assistant command to ‘turn on the coffee machine in 10 minutes’ or ‘turn off the lights in 1 hour’ and the command will be executed in the set time.


You can also specify the exact time to execute the command like ‘turn off the lights at 10 PM’. The feature goes even a bit further and you may set your smart devices to be switched on/off only for a set period of time and then return back to its initial state, for example ‘turn on the lawn sprinklers at sunset’.

According to some users on Reddit, the new update has still a few bugs that could imply Google is still tweaking things on the back-end and it is considered as a work-in-progress.

It is, for sure, a very handy feature whcih will move smart home controling on a higher level.


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