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Instagram launches Lite version app without Ads

Instagram goes low-fat.

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Lightweight versions of applications mostly come in handy for users with less phone memory, lower data rates or, in short, those who do not need all the features and can do just fine with the basics. Instagram Lite, a lightweight version of one of the most popular social networks is coming back as the app was available to download from Google Play back in 2018 and then removed by the company shortly after that.

Now, Instagram Lite is about to return as Facebook, its owner announced it on their blog.

Image credit: Google Play

The application will be available in 170 countries, ie almost all over the world. The installer will be only 2 MB in size, which is a fraction of the roughly 30 MB original version. In exchange for less phone memory usage and lower data requirements, users will have to say goodbye to some of its features, such as Instagram purchases, data-intensive animations or AR filters.

The essentials such as photos, videos, messaging, stories and even longer Reels videos will retain in the Lite version. For the time being, the absence of advertisements is also a huge advantage. In future, however, Facebook will monetize this “low-fat” version of Instagram in some way, says The Verge.

Image credit: Google Play

The Instagram Lite application is free and will be designed, as of 2018, coming only in the version for the Android operating system. As of today, there has been already over 10 million installations.

You can now download the Instagram Lite right from the Google Play Store here.


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