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LG Rollable phone – All what we know (specs, price, design..)

Find out what we know so far about the LG’s new upcoming Rollable phone, including its specs, release date, design, price and other leaks.

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New mobile phones with scrolling screens are without a doubt one of the most anticipated tech innovations in 2021. Several large mobile phones manufacturers, such as TCL and Oppo have already partially presented their models and the direction they intend to go.

LG is no exception and is quietly releasing news about its new upcoming rollable phone, conveniently called LG Rollable (perhaps LG R might be its new code name).

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LG Rollable Release date

Not many information has been released yet, however, leaks suggest that we might see some further introduction in March, which could, of course, be delayed up till June, according to the leak.

LG Rollable Price

Again, there is no official information just yet, as the phone is still in a pre-release stage, probably being tested, tweaked or further developed. According to early leaks, we could expect the price to be around £1775 (approx. €1999 / $2359). The price is undoubtedly very steep, as we talk about early prototypes and can quickly drop if/once there is more competition on the market.

LG Rollable Specs

(Image credit: meeco.kr / LetsGoDigital)

As some reports suggest, LG Rollable will come with a 6.8-inch screen which will be possible to extend into an almost tablet-like 7.4-inch screen. A post on LetsGoDigital also reveals that the LG Rollable will apparently feature 1080 x 2428 resolution when in 6.8-inch mode and 1600 x 2428 resolution in extended 7.4-inch mode.

LG Rollable is also expected to get 16GB RAM, Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon 888 processor, and a 4200mAh battery in its initial version.

LG Rollable Design

As the biggest news about LG’s new rollable phone comes from the manufacturer itself, we can also already see the future design.

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LG Rollable phone at CES 2021 GIF
(Image credit: LG)

An LG patent design came out to the surface as well, successfully spotted by LetsGoDigital, giving us a little peek of what to expect.

There is still many unknown about the LG’s prototype, however, new leaks will come more often as we are getting closer to the official reveal.


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