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LG Rollable phone unveiled at CES2021

LG have introduced their first rollable phone at this year’s CES2021.

LG Rollable phone at CES 2021
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LG has launched this year’s digital CES 2021 trade fair with its introductory keynote, during which the South Korean company presented the main new trends in the field of televisions, home appliances and smart homes. They also slightly outlined the future of mobile devices.

The video from the conference is presented in such a way that a person plays it on a previously unveiled mobile device with a rolling screen. When rolled-in, it has the size of a regular smartphone and when being rolled-out by a motor, it increases to the level of an 8-inch tablet. At the very end, when the head of global marketing, LG Jin-hong Kim says goodbye to the audience, after rolling the screen back in, we also learn the name of the hybrid – LG Rollable.

It will most likely be another device concept with a non-traditional design developed under the Explorer project which also introduced a new LG Wing dual display smartphone in autumn 2020. Following this trend, the manufacturer wants to gradually build a number of non-traditionally designed devices.

LG successfully tested the scrolling display technology on the LG Signature OLED R TV, which they presented at CES 2019 exactly two years ago. The TV went on sale for an eye watering £66,000 ($87,000 \ €74000) last autumn.

At this time, it is still now known, when we will see the complete introduction of the first LG Rollable scrolling smartphone.

See LG 2021 Press conference at CES2021

You can see the LG Rollable phone at 2:06 and 28:25


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