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Microsoft to Cease Offering Windows 10 Downloads in Preparation for 2025 Shutdown

Microsoft to stop sales of Windows 10 downloads Jan 31, 2023 and end support Oct 2025. Customers should consider available options before deciding which OS. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Microsoft’s Windows 10, released in 2015, has been a successful operating system since its launch. As part of an effort to wind down support of Windows 10 Home and Pro, Microsoft will be stopping sales of downloads on January 31st as mentioned by The Verge.

To give customers time to purchase the product, sales will be stopped by January 2023. This is also in accordance with Microsoft’s “modern lifecycle policy”. Currently, customers can purchase the downloads and all-important license keys until the final day of sale. However, after this time the software can still be obtained from other retailers and OEMs until Microsoft confirms otherwise.

Microsoft will continue to offer security updates for Windows 10 until 2025 when it is completely discontinued. In June 2021 just prior to Windows 11’s launch announcement was made that October 2025 would see an end date for Windows 10 and in order to replace it, Microsoft launched Windows 11.

Despite being met with decent acclaim both systems are subject to complaints about their varied nature; minimum system requirements were reported for Windows 11 whereas migration from Windows 10 was slow according to recent reports.

Nevertheless, both operating systems do have their own unique merits in operational success over time as industry reviews suggest. All-in-all though, with the current plans announced by Microsoft regarding sales concluding in January 2023 and full support ending October 2025; customers may wish to consider purchasing or at least looking into what is available surrounding both versions before deciding which way they wish to move forward with their OS choice.


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