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Motorola revealed a working True Wireless Charging prototype

One Hyper is Motorola’s new True Wireless Charging technology.

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  • The technology is based on the conventional Qi standard
  • It will be possible to charge several smartphones at once

After the recent report on the innovative way of wireless charging with Xiaomi Mi Air Charge technology, Motorola is also coming forward with its pinch. The well-known tech manufacturer (currently acquired by Lenovo) showed an equally interesting form of wireless charging, which they demonstrated on (probably somehow modified) Motorola Edge smartphones.

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In the video, firstly posted on Chinese web search, you can see a pair of phones that are located 80 and 100 centimetres away from the special charger. As soon as the phones are in direct view of the charging pad (one at a distance of 80 cm, the other at the distance of 100 cm), charging starts immediately. The moment an obstacle (in this case a human hand) gets in front of the charger, the charging process stops.

Motorola One Hyper, as Motorola named their new remote charging technology, is to our surprise, based on the conventional Qi wireless standard used in nowadays common wireless chargin pads.

According to the manufacturer, several smartphones can be charged at once, however, the exact numbers or charging power have not yet been published. Unlike the recently introduced Xiaomi Mi Air Charge, this method appears to be less futuristic, and we may encounter it in the near future.


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