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Qualcomm unveils Snapdragon 870 5G with the fastest mobile CPU so far

Qualcomm introduces a new upper-end mobile processor reaching 3.2 Ghz.

qualcom chip introduction snapdragon 870 5g 2021
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  • It comes as an improved Snapdragon 865+
  • Main core dazzles with 3.2 GHz frequency (clock speed)
  • Includes Adreno 650 graphics accelerator

Qualcomm unveiled a new upper-end mobile processor called Snapdragon 870 5G through its official website today. This is another (second in line) improvement of the last year’s Snapdragon 865. This time, Qualcomm is taking back its first place on the issue of the highest frequency at the main core. In this case, the new Snapdragon 870 5G has reached 3.2 GHz frequency. No other mobile processor achieves this value at this moment.

The closest to this is the Kirin 9000 with 3.13 GHz and Snapdragon 865+ with 3.1 GHz. Snapdragon 870 still uses Kryo 585 cores based on ARM Cortex-A77 platform. This is a fundamental difference from the Snapdragon 888, which has Cortex-X1 cores and suffice with a lower frequency to reach higher performance. Compared to the older Snapdragons 865 and 865+, the graphical acceleration of the Adreno 650 seems to be no different.

qualcom chip snapdragon 870 5g 2021

Snapdragon 870 is capable of handling 1,440p displays at 144Hz or 4K resolution at 60 Hz. It supports Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6, a slight concession to the Snapdragon 865+ which handled Wi-Fi 6E.

As the name suggests, there is also 5G support via the Snapdragon X55 external modem. The Snapdragon 870 5G will appear in some of the upcoming Motorola (Edge S), OnePlus, Oppo, Xiaomi and iQOO phones.


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