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Samsung’s fastest 65W charger gets certified by TÜV

First photos of the upcoming 65W charger leak as it obtains a TÜV certification.

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  • Until now, Samsung phones could be charged with a maximum of 45 watts
  • At the moment, it is not known when and to which device the Samsung charger will be used

As new technologies stagnate in battery production with no breakthroughs being introduced into daily production, recent years have seen a significant acceleration in the charging of mobile phones. Days, when your phone has to spend 2 or more hours on a charger, are long gone.

The best ones will recharge their batteries in half an hour and we already know that this is still not the final goal and we might soon be recharging the phones in a matter of minutes.

For the time being, Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi or Realme are more involved in the imaginary performance race. Both of the biggest smartphone manufacturers Apple and Samsung stayed aside so far and have not moved anywhere near them.

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It may have had its reasons why both tech giants have been more hesitant here as it has been proven that the high charging power/fast charging speeds reduce the battery life in the long run, or perhaps they just didn’t want to get involved that much. Till now.

The leak

The editors at pointed out the 65W charging adapter from Samsung, carrying a model name EP-TA865, which they came across in the database of the TÜV certification authority.

65w specs leak
TÜV certification leak of the upcomming Samsung’s 65W USB-C charger

The specification describes the maximum voltage of 20 V and the current of 3.25 A (with a total power of 65 W). The adapter could be introduced any day now, although it won’t most likely get a big keynote like other Samsung’s devices but will rather be introduced ‘quietly’ via the Samsung news/marketing channels.

There are also some photo leaks of Samsung’s upcoming 65W charger from The leaked picture shows the charger’s maximum output of 20V@3.25A= 65W. Additionally, it has a USB Type-C in port which means it will be suitable only for USB-C to USB-C cables. On the pictures, we can also see that the charger is PD(Power Delivery) and PPS(Programmable Power Supply) certified.

Officially, the new Samsung’s charger has not yet been announced but there is a small chance/speculation it could be this Thursday, as Samsung is going to announce new accessories for its newest flagship Galaxy S21.


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