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The first flying car is allowed to drive on European roads

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The Dutch company PAL-V has announced that its flying Liberty car has successfully passed all tests and will be able to drive on European roads and motorways.

Liberty, which is presented as the “first flying car in the world”, has been subjected to tests on special routes since February in order to obtain this certification.

“We have worked with road authorities for many years to reach this milestone,” said Mike Stekelenburg in a CTO PAL-V press release. “There is a lot of excitement in the team. It was very difficult to make the ‘composite aircraft’ pass all the entry tests. ”

Flying Pal-V Liberty Car Interior

Liberty runs on gasoline and with a full tank can cover a distance of up to 1315 km on the roads. In the air, it can last over 4 hours (and fly about 480 km).

“Weighing just 660 kg, it accelerates really well,” said test driver Hans Joore. “The overall experience is like driving a sports car. It’s sensational. “

Liberty has already received European Aviation Safety Agency certification. PAL-V then hopes to launch sales in 2022.


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