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The new iPhone SE: Performance upgrade, low price and wireless charging

SE gets upgraded after 2 years while keeping the low price

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After two long years, Apple has introduced the third generation of the iPhone SE. The name is still the same, unofficially only differentiated by the model year. While the design remains unchanged, the hardware inside is significantly more powerful.

The iPhone SE is traditionally clearly the cheapest smartphone in Apple‘s lineup. It’s a special model, combining a vintage design and the latest hardware. That makes it a very powerful device on the one hand while remaining a bit vintage on the other.

iPhone SE (2022) fingerprint scanner is back

Apple iPhone SE 2022 gets a fingerprint scanner

The new iPhone SE is based on the 2017 iPhone 8. It’s also not that different from the previous iPhone SE from 2020. It retains the gigantic bezels around the display that are rarely seen today, especially with Apple products, allowing the new SE to have one unexpected, but a very popular feature – a fingerprint scanner. This is a true rarity for Apple today, having long ago switched to face scanning for its standard model lines.

iPhone SE: Display

It’s still a very small device, extremely small in the context of the current competition. The display has 4.7 inches with a resolution of 1,136 × 640 pixels. The screen of the new iPhone SE is now protected with even stronger Ceramic Shield cover glass, which also covers the back of the device. This iPhone SE 2022 meets the IP67 standard, so it should be pretty durable.

iPhone SE: High performance, just like iPhone 13

A significant innovation is also the use of the current A15 Bionic processor, which is used by the current iPhone 13 models. But this is a tradition that has appeared with the SE series before, making the SE variants to be very powerful devices.

The new iPhone SE | A15 Bionic + 5G | Apple

In fact, Apple upgraded the SE model specifically because of the processor. In fact, the current one supports 5G networks, a key feature in many markets today. The other specifications have remained the same. So there’s only one camera lens, which perhaps only ordinary dumb phones have today. But Apple says there have been significant improvements in the 12Mpix sensor between generations. There are photo modes that were borrowed from the much more expensive Series 13 models.

The new chipset is also more power-efficient than the one in the older model, giving the new iPhone SE up to 2 hours more video playback. The battery also supports fast 20W+ charging that gets from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes. Apple also didn’t forget on nowadays so popular wireless charging, which is also supported here.

iPhone SE: Three colours, three options

The new Apple iPhone SE 2022 in three colours

Customers can pre-order the new iPhone SE from Friday 11 March and it’s due to go on sale a week later, on Friday 18 March. The new generation is available in three colour options: Black (Midnight), White (Starlight) and Red colours.

iPhone SE: price and discount

Prices start at £419 for the 64GB internal storage variant, following £469 for 128GB storage and £569 for the 256GB storage option. You may reduce the price even further if you trade in an iPhone 8 or newer in exchange for a £80 – £490 discount, depending on the year, configuration and condition of your old phone.

iPhone 13 wears Green now

During the event, Apple has also simultaneously unveiled new green options for the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro. With each having a slightly different shade of green. Pricing is standard, and as with the new iPhone SE, you can pre-order the green iPhone 13 phones from 11 March, and they’ll go on sale a week later.

iPhone 13 will be available in two new colours | Apple


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