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The unveiled Xiaomi Roborock T7S features dirt disposal

Clean your your room smart.

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Xiaomi brand, which is no newcomer to the field of smart home devices has introduced its new robotic vacuum cleaner model Roborock T7S. The brand has a wide range of smart devices in its portfolio, from light bulbs to vacuum cleaners. Specifically, robotic vacuum cleaners are an industry that Xiaomi relies on quite a lot. After all, the price/performance ratio is one of the key requirements for smart robotic vacuum cleaners.

The upgraded version of the Roborock T7 promises not only an affordable price but also some features that appear in the most expensive vacuum cleaners on today’s market.

The new Xiaomi Roborock T7S is coming with a vacuuming suction power of 2500 Pa, which is 25% more than in the previous generation. Surprisingly, with the increase in suction power, the noise does not increase, and should always be at the same level. The battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh will allow the Roborock T7S robotic vacuum cleaner to be working for about 2.5 hours while mapping up to 250 square meters.

What is also new is the RR Mason algorithm, which reduces the confused movements of the robot during cleaning and optimizes its route so that it does not go to already vacuumed places more than it’s necessary. There is also a mop, which takes water from a built-in 297 ml (voltage-controlled) water tank, which will also be enough for the whole 250 square meters.

The Roborock T7S also comes, in addition to the LIDAR technology, with 2 cameras with an AI to avoid obstacles and possibly adjust its behaviour. The cameras also allow you to see the video stream of the operating vaccum cleaner in the app.

The new software algorithm will ensurefaster and more efficient room cleaning, for example in rooms with plenty obstacles such as chair or tables.

The main surprise is the Roborock’s new charging station, which sucks the dirt out from the robot into a prepared bag. The advantage of this automatic solution is that you don’t have to knock the collected dust and dirt out of the robot manually after every few sweeps. The cleaning becomes then even easier when you have to throw the bag with collected dirt away from the charging station just about once a month. For example, the popular iRobot Roomba i7 + also has this feature (£697.00).

With the Roborock T7S vacuum cleaner, you can look forward to a much lower price as it can be purchased for $ 449 which is just under £400 with UK VAT included.

The Roborock T7S will be released on 29 March.


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