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Beats Fit Pro: Apple’s Best alternative to AirPods Pro

Apple’s best earbuds in a brand new body.

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Beats Fit Pro appears to be a solid alternative to Apple’s AirPods Pro, and they’ll cost you less, too!

Everyone who has tried Apple’s AirPods knows how great they are. Their full compatibility with the iPhone and iPad, great sound, and special features available only on Apple devices makes them very popular. In contrast, there are only three models (with the exception of the over-ear AirPods Max), and they are all very similar. 

Beats, the company which is, by the way, also owned by Apple, gets to use the tech giant’s perks in its new products now and proves it right away with the use of Apple’s H1 chip that gives the AirPods all the exciting features. And what Beats is doing here, is taking the H1 chip and wrapping it in a new bolder design. 

The new Beats Fit Pro

The Beats Fit Pro earbuds are similar to the Beats Studio Buds but slightly bigger, thanks to the added “wingtips,” which may be the biggest reason to choose these earbuds over Apple’s AirPods. Its flexible stem rests inside your outer ear and keeps the buds in place, even while you’re working out. 

Furthermore, the headphones also feature noise-cancelling, a 6-hour battery life (with noise cancelling on) and 18 hours extra when charged via its power bank charging case, three different sizes of ear-tips, USB-C charging connection with a ‘5-minute Fast Fuel’ charge to give you up to 1 hour of playback, microphones on each headset and an option to customize them a little by picking your favourite colour (you can choose from Black, White, Gray and Purple), instead of just plain white as in the case of all the AirPods.

Enjoying all Apple’s perks

As previously explained, the Beats Fit Pro uses Apple’s H1 headphone chip, which means that they come with almost all the great features of the original AirPods such as an automatic instant pairing, where your iPhone connects to them as soon as you open the case.

Among other features, can also enjoy Spatial Audio, use Apple’s tracking Find My app or make use of quick-switching, which automatically connects the Beats Pro to whatever Apple device you’re currently using. Thanks to the H1 chip, you can also use the audio sharing feature that allows two people to listen to the same music or movie having two different headphone sets – a great thing when travelling. 

Beats Fit Pro rechargeable case

Do Beats Fit Pro share all the same features as the AirPods Pro?

Even though the Beats Fit Pro is powered by the same chip as the AirPods are, at the moment you won’t be able to use Spatial Audio for group Facetime calls feature that basically ‘directs’ sound from a position of the person in group call (left/right etc.)

The Beats Fit Pro earbuds also don’t support wireless Qi or MagSafe charging.

Are Beats Fit Pro better than AirPods Pro in any way? 

Don’t worry, it’s not all that bad! Beats Fit Pro have an extra feature that AirPods don’t have which is a long-press gesture on each of the earbuds that can be used as a volume control – a very useful feature if you don’t like to pull your iPhone up every time the song changes to adjust the volume or not feeling comfortable using Siri’s voice control to that for you.

Beats Fit Pro Price

You can buy the new Beats’ earbuds for $199 at their official website. To compare, the AirPods Pro currently cost $249 from the official retailer.

You can currently buy the Beats Fit Pro only in the US. We will inform you when they become available on the UK/EU market as well.

Should I buy the Beats Fit Pro or AirPods Pro?

If you’re thinking about buying Apple-made headphones, the decision will most likely come to your style/design and wearability preferences. 

On one side, we’ve got well-known earbuds with a wide array of functions and a typical Appleish design while on the other side we’ve got cheaper earbuds with maybe not all the features but with an original design that might fit your ears more comfortably than the AirPods Pro.

The last point is the functionality of both earbuds. You get the same high-grade sound with both AirPods Pro and Beats Fit Pro, mostly the same useful features, and although lack of Qi or MagSafe charging might be an issue to some, the Beats’ volume control is a major plus.

Compare Beats Fit Pro vs Apple AirPods Pro vs AirPods (Gen 3)

Beats Fit ProAirPods ProAirPods (Gen 3)
Price$199 / UK price not available yet£239.00 ($249)£169.00 ($179)
Weight5.6g (case 55.1g)5.4g (case 46g)4.3g (case 38g)
Dimensions (LxWxH)3 x 2.4 x 1.9 cm3.1 x 2.2 x 2.4 cm3.1 x 1.9 x 1.9 cm
Battery Life (earbuds)
6 hours with Active Noise Control4.5 hours with Active Noise Control6 hours
Battery Life (with case)
Up to 24 hoursUp to 24 hoursUp to 30 hours
ConnectivityClass 1 Wireless BluetoothBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0
MicrophonesDual beamforming microphonesDual beamforming microphones,
Inward-facing microphone
Dual beamforming microphones,
Inward-facing microphone
Water ResistanceYes – IPX4Yes – IPX4Yes – IPX4
Active Noise CancellationYesYesNo
Spatial AudioYesYesYes
Siri supportYesYesYes
Android & Google Assistant supportYesNoNo
Bixby supportYesNoNo
Touch volume controlYesNoNo
Wireless chargingNoYesYes
ColoursBeats White,
Beats Black,
Stone Purple,
Sage Gray


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