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EnergyQC – pocket-sized power bank for under £22

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There is never enough power for your phone while travelling, hiking or just being out and about. Not everyone can however afford large, expensive power banks these days so there will always be cheaper variants to choose from. Today, we’ve got here a new power bank on the market branded as EnergyQC power bank.

The EnergyQC is a simple product made for charging and charging only. Don’t expect fancy features or a led light torch. On the other hand, it prides itself on a very low price tag which will certainly be very attractive to many users.

What’s in the box?

The power bank comes in a small box, containing a brief manual and a charging cable (to charge the power bank).

Box contains the most necessaries.

The EnergyQC power bank we received fits, with its 50x104x25mm (W x D x H) dimensions perfectly in a pocket and its 172g weight won’t certainly be something you’d constantly think about. Its case is made of plastic which doesn’t feel extraordinary but I’d say it doesn’t look bad, especially with the recessed button that displays the level of charge and considering the really low price tag.

Its univariate design basically consists of three elements. A USB-TypeC input, 3.0 USB-A output and a level of charge LED status. The USB-TypeC connector can handle up to 2.0A at 5V and serves as a charming connector for the power bank, where the USB-A output can give out up to 2.4A at 5V to charge your device.

It takes just under 2 hours to fully charge the battery, with the right charger. When we measured its capacity, it, unfortunately, was not the exact 10000mAh, although with its 8500mAh it was not far from the presented stats, and it’s something you can usually predict with cheaper power banks. I can’t say it was that limiting, though.

With the capacity of the batteries inside, I could still charge an iPhone 14 Pro Max (4350mAh) twice and somehow, i still have some juice left in the power charger. I say some, because the indicator, unfortunately, doesn’t show the exact level of battery charge, rather than it presents in 4 – 25% parts. It can become a little bit inconvenient when you’d need to know, whether you are nearing using the full capacity of the power bank or you can still afford to charge one more device.

EnergyQC power bank is smaller than a phone and fits perfectly in a pocket

The power charger bears UKCA and CE certifications so they should be safe to use in the EU or the UK, according to the manufacturer.

The Power Bank EnergyQC only costs £21.99, so that’s not a lot, really, although they are competitors with similar or lower price tags on the market and extra features such as a more detailed LED screen. It can be purchased in 2 different colours – black or white.

EnergyQC is a power bank for those who don’t see an extravagant design or many features. It’s for those, who just want an extra battery to charge their phone, headphones or other devices in a timely manner and don’t spend on it more money than necessary.


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