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Motorola Moto G50: A phone that won’t offend nor surprise you

Motorola added a low-end smartphone to its G-series portfolio.

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On 25 March, together with the new Moto G100 introduction, Motorola also quite silently launched yet another phone from its Moto G lineup, called Moto G50.

It might look like a reasonable compromise for more demanding users who need something a bit more powerful than the simple Moto G30 or something less than quite an expensive Moto G100. Unfortunately, seems like Motorola hasn’t tried enough and released a device that, yes, features the mighty 5G but other than that is quite uninspiring. Will it find its buyers, though?

  1. Moto G50: Performance and storage
  2. Moto G50: Display
  3. Moto G50: Camera
  4. Moto G50: Battery and charging
  5. Moto G50: Connectivity and features
  6. Moto G50: Price, Release date and the Verdict

Motorola Moto G50: Performance and storage

The Motorola Moto G50 comes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 480, which is a budget-friendly chipset introduced at the beginning of 2021. The chipset supports a 5G connection and has an octa-core CPU clocked at 2 GHz.

This might not be a particularly bad chipset as it aims at phones where price plays a big part. It will, however, be accompanied by only 4GB RAM which might cause your phone to run out of breath sometimes. An extra 2 or 4GB RAM would certainly make a huge difference as the standard requirements are not now a bit higher than they were a couple of years ago.

As for internal storage memory, you can get either 64GB/128GB in your Moto G50, which can be further expanded up to 1TB via microSD cards.

Looking at the official online stores around Europe, it seems that the 128GB variant might be available only in selected countries. The UK seems to be one of them. Buyers from countries that won’t be on the list for the 128GB might be only able to buy the better model via other 3rd party sellers.

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Motorola Moto G50: Display

The design of the phone is actually quite nice and copies the style of the Moto G100. The Moto G50’s screen covers 85% of the front side with a teardrop notch in the middle. It has an all-plastic body with 8.95mm thickness and 192g weight.

The display is what concerns us the most. Nowadays, many manufactures focus on the device’s screen as it is something most visible to a regular user’s eye. It’s a shame that Motorola has decided here to only use an IPS HD+ display with 1600×720 resolution and 269 ppi. The screen has a good refresh rate at 90Hz but it won’t just be enough to make it stand out.

The low resolution might be justifiable on smaller sized screens but the Moto G50 got a large 6.7-inch screen, on which the absence of the FHD resolution will surely be noticeable.

Motorola Moto G50: Camera

Even here we can see how Motorola tried to save the costs as much as possible. Moto G50 dual-camera gets a 48MP (f/1.7) main sensor, 5MP Macro and 2MP depth sensor. Perhaps instead of these two, a wide-angle camera would be a better choice.

The rear camera can record videos on FHD resolution in both 60/30 fps.

The front selfie camera has a 13MP sensor and can also record videos in FHD at up to 60 fps. The rear camera features some basic photography software such as timelapse video, HDR, Cinemagraph, RAW photo output and a few others.

Motorola Moto G50: Features and Connectivity

The Moto G50 is equipped with a fingerprint reader, which is, located on its back and easily accessible with your index finger. It also supports Face ID unlock, however, it might not be that reliable in darker lighting conditions due to the weaker aperture of the front camera.

Furthermore, you can benefit from a 3.5mm headset jack or dual SIM card functionality (hybrid slot for SIM/microSD), Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi at both 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz and NFC.

The Moto G50 comes with Android 11 out of the box with a promise of at least one major OS update by Motorola.

Motorola Moto G50: Battery and charging

The Moto G50 gets the very same battery capacity as its older brother Moto G100. With the 5000 mAh battery, the brand promises up to 2 days of battery life in standard use. The G50 has a USB Type C connector and includes a 10W charger in the box. The battery can also manage slightly faster charging at 15W.

Motorola Moto G50: Price, Release date and the Verdict

Motorola’s Moto G50 will be available shortly after the official launch, at beginning of April 2021. It will be available in two colour variants Steel Gray and Aqua Green.

The Moto G50 will be sold for around €250 in Europe and for £199 in the UK. This is about $275 in the US or AU$360 in Australia. The price may slightly vary depending on the country and its tax conditions and whether it will be a 64GB or 128GB storage variant. It is currently one of the most affordable phones with 5G.

As the Moto G50 is just a representative of Motorola’s low-end series, we can’t expect too much of it. The components used here reflected the total price. If you’re looking for a mediocre, cheap smartphone for simple tasks, work calls and photos for larger workgroups or as a startup phone for your youngest, it might be the right choice. It won’t however satisfy a more demanding audience as it won’t simply have enough power to keep up with some heavy multitasking or new 3D games.

✅ What we like

2021 chipset5G64 or 128 GB storage
microSD card supportlarge 5000 mAh batterylow price

⛔ What we don’t like

Low display resolutiononly 4GB RAM


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