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Oclean X Pro Elite review: High-quality sonic toothbrush

Have your dental hygiene under control.

Oclean X Pro Elite review
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Plenty of our daily use devices and gadgets become smart these days. Smart accessories are the ones that have seen the biggest increase in popularity lately. Today, we’ve tested and reviewed the new sonic toothbrush Oclean X Pro Elite, which comes from a company backed by Omate and Huami, a subsidiary of Xiaomi is the largest manufacturer of wearables in the world.

The Oclean X Pro Elite is currently one of the top dental hygiene products offered by the company, aiming to improve personal life in a simple and futuristic way.

  1. Oclean X Pro Elite: Design
  2. Oclean X Pro Elite: Touch screen
  3. Oclean X Pro Elite: Wireless charging
  4. Oclean X Pro Elite: Quiet Brushing
  5. Oclean X Pro Elite: Reporting from Oclean App
  6. Oclean X Pro Elite: What’s in the box
  7. Oclean X Pro Elite: Final verdict

Oclean X Pro Elite: Design

Oclean X Pro Elite box

The processing of the toothbrush is very high quality, the housing is made of hard plastic and is completely coated with a material imitating stone. This ensures that it holds better in the hand rather than if it was a glossy plastic.

There is a stylish button in the middle with a touchscreen above it. The touchscreen works well most of the time if operated with the same hand you hold the toothbrush with, even though a bit more sensitivity would certainly improve the overall feel and responsivity.

This material also resists water quite well. The brush meets IPX7 certification. This does not apply to the wireless charger, which is not waterproof. On the other hand, it can handle some water drops thanks to the silicone cover, but you should definitely not expose it to a bigger amount of water. The Oclean Elite’s weight is 110 grams which is common among toothbrushes of this type.

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Oclean X Pro Elite: Touch screen

We can ask a question, whether having a touch screen on a toothbrush is something handy. First of all, it is not something, which would be absolutely a must-have feature. On the other hand, the touch screen allows you to easily swap modes, intensity, duration or if you really need that kind of help – to guide you through the toothbrushing process so you wouldn’t spend more time brushing one side than the other.

Oclean X Pro Elite: Wireless charging

One of the handy features of the Oclean X Pro Elite will certainly be Qi wireless charging. As said before, even though the box includes the charging pad, it doesn’t include a charging adapter. This can, however, be easily supplemented by any USB charging adapter you use to charge your phone, for example.

The charging begins immediately after placing the toothbrush on the wireless Qi pad. The Oclean X Pro Elite will display charging progress on its touch screen and a small LED at the bottom of the wireless charger will be lit. We have noticed, that Oclean’s wireless charger is getting heated up a bit during the charging, which may be simply because of the smaller size of the charger and small coil used in it. The device is certified and should not pose any risk.

The charging itself is not exactly the fastest and from 0 – 100% takes approximately 3.5 hours. On the other hand, the battery life is really exemplary as the brand says it lasts up to an average of 35 days. This obviously depends on the mode, intensity or how often you use the toothbrush – the included guide states 20 days on the highest or 40 days on the lowest intensity.

Handful tip: The included wireless charger can also be used for your other wireless chargeable devices if you remove its top cover with the moulded centre for the toothbrush.

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Oclean X Pro Elite: Quiet Brushing

The Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite offers up to 42,000 oscillations per minute, making it one of the best sonic toothbrushes on the market. It is true, that you will hardly spot the difference in cleaning quality between this and a toothbrush with lower oscillations. And that’s whether you try running your tongue over your teeth or looking at your teeth in the mirror.

Some laboratory tests might reveal that the Oclean Elite cleans teeth much better that for example its lower version Oclean F1 or Oclean Pro, however, under normal conditions, it seems very difficult to tell the difference.

Where you will notice the differences immediately, however, is in the volume of the toothbrush itself. The Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Elite is a very quiet sonic toothbrush. The volume here is less than 50db (certified by the world’s leading noise reduction agency QuiteMark) making brushing your teeth a much more private thing, without disturbing your surroundings. Another useful feature is that the Oclean X Pro Elite monitors how much pressure you’re putting on your teeth, adjusts the cleaning force accordingly, or directly alerts you if you’re pushing too hard.

Oclean X Pro Elite: Reporting from Oclean App

The Oclean Pro Elite has got an inbuilt Bluetooth module to easily pair with its official app on your phone. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. The process of connecting the devices is very straightforward and it took only a couple of seconds to pair the toothbrush with my smartphone.

The Oclean app makes it even easier to set up the toothbrush, depending on the recommended settings after filling up a quick questionnaire about your dental hygiene. Upon completion, the app will send settings right to the toothbrush. After brushing your teeth, the toothbrush sends all the data back to the app in which you can check your dental hygiene report or even countdown days/uses you’ve got left to change the toothbrush head.

During the testing, the app felt simple, swift and without any bugs.

Oclean X Pro Elite: What’s in the box

Oclean X Pro Elite box contains the sonic toothbrush, an 3M sticker, guidebook and a wireless charging pad

The toothbrush comes in a stylish grey box that splits into two parts. The left part contains the toothbrush itself, with the head already attached. The second part contains the manual, the wireless charger and a holder that holds the toothbrush with a magnet. The round holder has a 3M sticker on its back for simple attachment onto a cabinet, mirror or tile surface. There is no travel case or, unfortunately, mains adapter included. However, the charger has a classic USB connector, so you can use, for example, a standard adapter from your phone.

There is one Dupont Diamond head in the package, which has a new tongue cleaning area. This is one of the new features compared to previous versions. You can buy replacement heads on the official website in packages from 4 for £15 up to 10 for £30.

Oclean X Pro Elite: Final verdict

Oclean X Pro Elite is a very good smart toothbrush, which is very hard to find faults with. Even though it is mostly available only from online stores, it is available globally in Europe, UK, North America or Asia. You can purchase the Oclean Elite from its official shop in a basic setup or as a set with extra brush heads and sterilizer. The official shop also sells a handy travel case for £10.

Thanks to Qi wireless charging support, you are not limited to only use the included wireless charging pad but can use others that support the same Qi standard. The toothbrush has a stylish, modern design and sits in hand perfectly. With the app, multiple settings and high oscillations, all that makes the toothbrush one of the top dental hygiene products in this category on today’s market.

The basic set Oclean X Pro Elite with 1 head is currently being sold for £52 in the UK (discount on the official website, RRP £74) or $69.99 USD.

4 thoughts on “Oclean X Pro Elite review: High-quality sonic toothbrush

  1. I have an oclean x pro elite and it is inded a very good smart toothbrush. It’s been giving good results and the battery life is amazing.

  2. You’ve said it all! Thanks for this very helpful blog. The oclean x pro elite is indeed the quietest toothbrush ever. And it’s super easy to use, I can say it absolutely worth it.

  3. I use the Oclean X Pro Eilte is a very good and thoughtful product. I love the different modes to suit different brushing needs. The brush heads are quality as well and they are also able to be swapped so bravo on on that Oclean!


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