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PowerAdd EnergyQC Slim 2 Portable Charger Review

Nice pocket-sized powerbank.

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Using smartphones has become a daily routine for many of us and we can’t imagine life without them anymore. There are plenty of daily tasks that can be done or done easier using a smartphone. It comes, however, at a cost which is energy. The more we use our ‘companions’ the sooner they’ll need to be recharged. But if you’re a bit like me and don’t like to carry massive power bank stations with you everywhere you go and you find looking for an available socket for your charger rather inconvenient, there is a third option. Pocket-sized power banks.

Yes, still a power bank, and perhaps not with not that large of a capacity but surely a suitable solution for some.

Today, we’ve got to review a new pocket-sized power bank from EnergyQC – EnergyQC Slim 2 Portable Charger.

This little power stick has been carrying a 5000mAh battery allowing you to fully charge almost any smartphone.

As you can see, the Slim 2 has quite a slick design and it feels the same way in hands. Its housing is made of plastic but it doesn’t feel cheap rather than medium-premium – for the price of $16.99 ( just over £13) considered, the quality feel-price ratio turns out to be pretty good.

What you’ll get

The Slim 2 power charger has 2 ports on its side.

The first is a 2A micro USB port for charging the power bank, while the second one we find here is a 2.1A USB-C for charging your device.

Next to them, you’ll also find a 4 LED charge capacity indicator, which we found to be fairly reliable.

The power bank itself is only 1.25in wide and 3.9in long, weighing 127 grams, making it so easy to carry.

On PowerAdd’s official website, you can choose from a wide selection of colours, such as Blue, Green, Rosy Red, Red or Black.

What’s in the box

  • 1x 5000mAh portable charger
  • 1x Micro cable
  • 1x User Manual

Where to buy

The PowerAdd Slim 2 used to be on US Amazon before, however, it is now out of stock there. You can currently purchase the product from the company’s official website in all available colours for $16.99.


In conclusion, the EnergyQC Slim 2 portable charger is a power bank you won’t be sad about owning. It might not be the most powerful out there, but it’ll do just fine for occasional recharging on the go and especially for those not wanting to carry heavy 20000mAh power banks as you hide this one easily in your pocket.


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