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Poweradd T-M6 earbuds: Good, yet affordable listening

An affordable way to listen music wirelessly.

Poweradd T-M6 wireless bluetooth earbuds earphones review
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Last week, we got new Poweradd T-M6 earbuds in our hands to test them out for you and today, we can finally share our thoughts about these good-looking, yet very affordable wireless earbuds.

  1. What’s in the box
  2. Earbuds design and their case
  3. Performance
  4. Features
  5. Battery and charging
  6. Price and where to buy
  7. Verdict

What’s in the box

The Poweradd T-M6 earbuds follow the path to a better/greener future as they come in a really small box with no more cardboard than really necessary. Inside, you’ll find a simple user manual in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese language, a recharging case, a set of earbuds and a short USB to USB-C cable and 2 sets of different sized earbud tips.

T-M6 Earbuds design and their case

Firstly, let’s focus on the rechargeable earbuds case. The case is in the shape of a flattened cube, with a bumpy top and a shiny rim. It’s made of plastic, although it doesn’t feel cheap on touch. In front of the case, you can also find a USB-C port for recharging the case – and the earbuds and a little notification LED above it that turns on when the earbuds are being recharged.

Opening the case comes without struggle and for those who might find it difficult, there is a little gap to put your nail in to open the case even easier. The lid is attached to a spring so if straight or tiled back, it stays open. If you, however, tilt the case forward, the spring will close the lid right away. Not sure, whether it’s a positive feature or not, as I found it both convenient in some cases and a bit annoying in others.

Once the case opens, the earbuds turn on, the same goes when you close the case and the earbuds inside turn themself off.

Now, let’s move to the actual earbuds, or earphones if you wish.

Taking them out of the case is a bit hard initially thanks to strong magnets attaching them to the case and you’ll have to find your own way to pull them out successfully on the first attempt.

The earbuds are made of plastic, with a large square button on the top, a blue/red notification LED and a microphone on each of them The physical multifunction button is easy to press, although with the tips deep inside your ear it might not be the most pleasant experience you will get and might need some getting used to. The button on each of the earbuds works independently on the other which I will talk about a bit more later on.

There is also a letter on each of them to mark the left (L) or right (R) earpiece, although I really wish these were printed on with different colour than the earbuds are for better visibility as it’s not always easy to spot which goes to the left or right when you pulled them out fo your pocket.

From the wearers perspective, the earbuds are light and sit comfortably inside the ear. 

Each of the earphones weighs 5g.

T-M6 earbuds performance

There usually isn’t much to expect from the performance of wireless earbuds in a budget price range, however, these perform quite well given the price tag is just a little over £20 – a piece of wireless technology for a price of one takeaway.

We’ve compared them with some other earbuds in a similar price range (wired and wireless) and the difference was hardly noticeable. 

Given the low price tag, the T-M6 earbuds perform well and are satisfactory for occasional music listening. They are very loud on the highest volume settings, although if you always listen to music in the loudest settings, you might notice a bit of background noise in the highs. The basses are on the other hand great and with some adjustments in Spotify’s equalizer, I’ve actually achieved rather good results.

The Poweradd T-M6 earbuds connect to your phone via Bluetooth 5.0 and although the earbuds specs state Bluetooth distance under 10m, I was able to be connected to my phone from at least 15m and across 2 thick walls away with perhaps only 0.5 – 1s sound lag.

T-M6 Features

It’s true we can’t expect the budget Poweradd T-M6 earbuds to abound with features that some big players in this field usually offer such as ANC, spatial audio or ambient sound mode.

The T-M6 earbuds feature an IPX7 resistance to sweat/rain and a phone call support where you can not only answer/reject/hang-up phone call, but you also definitely can call somebody using your phone’s voice assistant. And not only to call but to use the full range of functions your smartphone’s voice assistant offers (Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby..). The T-M6 earphones work on both iOS and Android devices.

As other functions go, you can also expect play/pause, next or previous to be accessible via the earbuds’ buttons. Volume controls are here separated, so you can set volume up by double-tapping the left earbud and volume down by double-tapping the right earbud. It’s fine when you use both earbuds, however, if you want to use only one of them, you will, unfortunately, miss the volume option of the other one.

Poweradd T-M6: Battery and charging

The earphones have a small 50mAh battery inbuilt in the body, that takes around 1.5 to charge via USB-C/through the charging case. The earphones themself last over 5 hours, although you’ll probably get more out of them, depending on the volume you’ll be listening at. With the case’s recharging power, you can get to around 24h usage on a single charge.

T-M6 Price and where to buy them

As I mentioned before, the Poweradd T-M6 are for those seeking wireless earbuds for next to nothing £.

You can buy the wireless Poweradd T-M6 Bluetooth Earbuds in both the UK and the USA. They are very affordable in both countries. In the UK, they’ll cost you just £29.99, whereas in the US they are available for $28.99.

Poweradd also offers a discount code for our fans on orders between 1st December to 31st December 2021. Enter “techbuyguide” promo code to get an amazing 40% off your order!


If you’re looking for some affordable wireless tech for some occasional listening of music on your commute, to make some phone calls while you driving or just looking for some backup earbuds to your main one to use them in your place of work, the Poweradd T-M6 earbuds are a bargain you might be looking for. 

The T-M6’s battery lasts a good amount of time, the sound is satisfactory, they support voice control via your phone’s voice assistant and the phone call quality (on either side) was really good with no echoes or other disturbing noise. 

There is a hiccup I wasn’t exactly happy about as having to turn off Bluetooth/unpair the earphones on my other phone to be able to connect them to the other one as you can’t just switch devices or not being able to easily recognize which.

This is, however, rather an individual problem that I have while others might not.

And despite not having features like some other big brand’s earbuds, they still seem to be a good choice to use, especially because of the cost you can get them for.


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