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How to Fix Disney Plus Error 92 or Error 91

Unable to watch due to en error 92? Try this.

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Disney Plus is one of the popular over-the-top platforms that lets users stream their content online. Currently, it contains hundreds of movies and TV series not only from Disney’s own production. You can stream Disney Plus on multiple devices at the same time within the household, however, occasionally, the streaming may stop because of a temporary error, such as Disney Plus error code 92. What is the error 92 on Disney and what to do to fix it so you can get back to your movies as soon as possible, we’ll discuss this in our new short guide below.

There are two, very similar errors you can get while trying to access Disney Plus.

Due to a high number of requests, we have temporarily throttled traffic from your IP address. Please try again later (Error Code 91).

Due to a high number of requests, we have temporarily throttled traffic from your IP address. Please try again later (Error Code 92).

Error 91, 92 cause

This occurs when the Disney system detects suspicious activity from a specific IP address. Disney states, there are several possible causes, including:

  • Repeated, failed login attempts
  • Repeated, failed attempts to update payment method
  • Unstable or slow internet connection

How to fix Error 91 and 92 according to Disney

Related to these causes, there are several things you could check to solve the issue:

  • Make sure that nobody in your household is using the Disney app at the moment. There might have been multiple login attempts from your home which triggered Disney’s protection. If there are any devices connected to the Disney app/web browser app at the time, sign them all out.
  • Check that your internet connection doesn’t have any connectivity issues and that your router settings haven’t been changed
  • Restart your TV, device or computer and relaunch the Disney+ app or refresh the site. Wait a few minutes before attempting to log in again. If updating a website page, refresh using a combination of CTRL+F5 buttons to delete the cache of the refreshed page.
    • You can also try to open the Disney Plus website in Incognito Mode.
  • Verify that the details of your payment method are correct and that your subscription has been paid for the month.

These are steps that Disney recommends performing before contacting them.

Other ways to fix the error

There are however some more steps worth trying to fix the issue.

Refresh DNS

  1. Open windows command prompt by going to the start menu / or your windows bottom bar and searching for cmd.exe
  2. A command prompt will open
  3. In the command prompt window, write “ipconfig/flushdns” and press Enter
  1. The DNS Resolver Cache is now cleared and you may try to enter Disney again.

Restart router

While restarting (soft restart) router won’t change your IP address, on some occasions, restarting router has shown to resolve issues related to IP connectivity on some websites.

Ensure Disney Plus is up to date

The app on your device might have received an update recently that you haven’t caught up with yet. This can cause a problem. Make sure your Disney app is up to date.

Try Disney Plus on Other Device

This is a good way to find out, whether the issue is related to your device or your home network. Check if the issue is resolved by switching to a different compatible web browser or device.

Reinstall Disney Plus App

If the Disney+ is working just fine in a web browser but having issues mainly when using the company’s native app, the problem might be related to the software rather then the network itself. Try uninstall the Disney+ app, download a fresh new copy of the App store, Google Play or Microsoft Store and install the application again.


Sign out from your Disney account and wait. Disney doesn’t specify how long it restricts access to its services in such cases. It may be from 1 hour to 24 hours. If the problem persists after 24 hours, our best advice would be to contact Disney’s customer support. Disney currently offers 24/7 customer service with Live Chat and Call options.


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